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About us

Persatuan Perlindungan dan Penyelamat Haiwan

(Furry Tails Land Shelter) is a non-profit organization that helps and protects abandoned animals around Kajang, Selangor.

We are a 100% No-Kill animal shelter located in Kajang and we reside all breeds of dogs and cats.

Furry Tails Land Shelter was established in year 2014 by Madam Hoo.


Persatuan Perlindungan dan Penyelamat Haiwan

(爱狗之家) 是一个帮助及保护流浪动物的非盈利团体,我们的主要挽救范围为加影地区。

爱狗之家也是个100% 坚持不执行安乐死的动物庇护所。

爱狗之家是由Madam Hoo于2014年成立。

Our Missions

✓ We rescue and re-home homeless, injured, and abused animals.

✓ We protect stray animals by providing food, shelter and medication.

✓ We reduce the amount of stray dogs by neutering programme.

✓ We increase the public awareness for pet ownership and responsibilities.


✓ 我们挽救流浪,受伤,及遭受虐待的动物,同时也开放给予领养。

✓ 我们通过提供食物,收容所及药物治疗保护流浪动物。

✓ 我们通过绝育计划减少流浪动物的数量。

✓ 我们引导公众了解流浪动物,进而懂得爱护它们。

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